I recently got a pretty cheap second-hand 12.9 inch iPad Pro. I was already a fan of how the iPad is slowly gaining terrain to the PC, but wanted to go next-level and decided to try the Magic Keyboard for it. The keyboard is obscenely expensive, but it includes a trackpad and practically converts it into a laptop.

Working with this setup is surprisingly smooth and fast, I honestly believe this is more than enough for 85% of the population without very specific professional use-cases. We are definitely closer to the post-pc era we were dreaming of a decade ago, even though most people is not aware of this. I think Apple would be smart to try and lose money on keyboards with trackpad for a couple years if that makes the public aware of how powerful this option is. Not their style though.

Sadly, as a game developer I’m definitely in the last 15% of people who needs more than this so this is going to be my secondary device.

This said, I was happy to find out that visual studio code for web is working 100% on safari for iPad. I’m even forgetting what I’m writng this with. So suddenly this opens a world of possibilities for the iPad: this setup can be interesting for web frontend developers or basically anyone who can realistically run code from the browser.

This is still far from what a professional developer is comfortable with (multiple screens, tinkering with the filesystem, etc etc.) but I can’t help but wonder where Apple might be going for with the iPad in the next few years.

BTW, this is even better for writing blog posts than ghdev on a desktop browser.

GH dev screenshot

26/04/2022 --  link

One recent finding that shows how much we still got to learn about ecosystems and relationship between species: the decline in whales population (due to us hunting them) caused a decline in krill population as well, triggering a butterfly effect in all the ecosystem.

Since although every whale eats literally several tons of krill every day, they also provide the fertilizer for phytoplancton, which feeds the whole ecosystem, including krill.

Turns out whales have a very special role, which I guess it was already easy to imagine before, but it’s bigger than what scientists believed until these findings were made. They now describe whales (in a bit dramatic yet easy to understand way) as “mobile processing plants”. Given the size of those things maybe not so dramatic.


05/11/2021 --  link

Today is the release date for the newest version of Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 15.

This version is compatible with a device as old as the iPhone 6S, released in 2015, which is absolutely mind-blowing.

For contrast, the main competitor for the iPhone 6S was the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. A device which received official updates until Android 7, released only one year later.

I think things might be better right now on Android’s side (not sure), but I can’t believe there’s people who can shit on Apple as an “obsolescense planner” while at the same time ignoring the Android alternatives that basically got outdated in only two years.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to criticize about Apple, but this kind of arguments are just a big hater red flag.

20/09/2021 --  link

This literally rescued this blog. GitHub Pages and Jekyll are awesome but the process of writing a new post can be a bit tedious.

Pressing dot (.) while in a GitHub repo main page is basically the same as changing the “.com” in the github url for a “.dev”. It opens an in-broser editor based on Visual Studio Code, which happens to be a really good editor, and allows you to quickly make changes.

In combination with GitHub Pages and an extension for markdown preview it’s the perfect tool for updating a blog.

There are still a couple details that could be easier, like drag-drop uploading images to a post, but I bet we soon will see extensions allowing these kind of things.

GH dev screenshot

14/09/2021 --  link

Ternary operator is also known as Elvis operator. Named this way because of of Elvis Presley’s quiff.


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Trying out minipost. I will use these kind of posts to share brief thougts, as a substitute for twitter.

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