Westworld’s 1st season is one of my favourite TV series ever. It just has everything: cowbows and sci-fi, robots, AI, an interesting villain. I found the sci-fi and plot fascinating and Anthony Hopkins is just the best FX ever.

2nd season was not as good as the first one to me but it was up to the task, even provides some closure for some of the characters and core parts of the plot. Worth revisiting some day. But the 3rd season went on with entirely different ideas. I kind of liked the sci-fi and some of the ideas behind its plot, worth thinking about, but the quality of the plot itself goes downhill with no brakes.

I’m not sure if they changed the screenwriters or what but had to force myself to finish the 3rd season. For the fourth one, I’m not even sure if I’ll finish it. I kind of want to know how everything ends but it’s starting to feel a bit painful. Definitely feels like the screenwriters themselves don’t quite know what to do with this series but HBO won’t give up on one of their most followed TV series.

Luckily, I still believe the 1st 2 seasons are worth watching while ignoring the existence of the next ones. So not everything is lost I guess.