A few years ago I was tinkering with Ko-Fi, a platform allowing tips for content creators (similar to Patreon) and decided to add a link on this site, with the idea of writing here more often.

Obviously the idea was abandoned quickly, and the link just got left forgotten. I was really surprised this week to get an e-mail from Ko-Fi notificating I had received a tip.

Even if I believe myself capable of writing something that could be worth tipping for, there does not existing anything like that in this blog. I mean, there does not exist anything at all (almost). So I was really surprised.

Turns out a couple months ago I did a really basic Pull Request on the repository of an Apple project (some Unity3D plugin exposing Apple’s APIs) and it got approved. So now I appear as a repository contributor (yes, I’m officially an Apple codebase contributor, yay) and someone saw it and thought I had some kind of contact with Apple.

This person needs help with his project and thought sending me a 3€ tip would get my attention. And boy was he right, he immediately had 100% of my attention. I find it funny how with a small amount of money we can really shine over the thousands of weirdos who are trying to get our attention every day. To be clear, I don’t care at all about 3€ but nothing says “this is actually important for me” like someone going through the trouble of finding my personal blog, the link to my Ko-Fi account and sending me a message through a tip. This guy went through several steps for this.

I was very sad to not be able to help him at all. I even offered him to return him his money but he didn’t want to.

All this kinda remided me that I have a blog. I still believe this would be best way to express myself. At least much better than the incresingly toxic Twitter. But there are certain expectations linked to it that make it so much easier to throw stuff on Twitter. Blogs are harder, they require to think and write carefully.