During the last few months I’ve had many concerns about ethics in journalism. The political issues in Spain, which suffers of great political corruption and regional secession movements, have ended with most national newspapers aligning its news with certain ideologies. It’s not a secret that Spanish press has problems to fund itself and it is much more lucrative to play with interests than just telling the truth. One of my favourites examples is the front page of “La Razón”, one of the most important newspapers of the country, asking its readers to vote for a certain party on the previous day of an election (a day when promoting political parties is supposed to be forbidden).

This is just a glance of what I believe to be a major problem, which seems to have spread to the whole world. One defect of capitalism is that when there are limitations in funding, ethics go to the background.

In this context a few weeks ago, Elon Musk started complaining about some media criticising the latest model of Tesla’s cars, the Tesla Model 3. I’m a huge fan of Elon but he does not seem to be someone who assimilates criticism well, not only that but he also has no problem with going to Twitter and say what he thinks to his huge (22M at this moment) legion of followers.

If there’s someone who takes criticism worse than Elon Musk it’s journalists. They didn’t process Elon rants too well and the whining on both sides kept spiraling, including accusations of Elon being mysoginist and journalists being bought by some companies, and ending with Elon promising to build a platform that judges every media impartiality.

I find this last promise to be very interesting, considering how journalists have reacted in response. I see how starting a platform that pressures the media could end badly, since there’s nothing that guarantees such platform not to be equally partial, but I think it wouldn’t be necessarily worse than it already is. I think journalism is in need of some harder criticism, and although Elons idea won’t proabably end the problem, it could do good to provide an external point of view, or in the worst scenario shouldn’t be feared (such platform wouldn’t be exempt of criticism after all). Currently, journalists themselves seem no not understand the importace of what their job is supposed to provide. Truth and impartiality are much higher values than money and should be protected.